Diabetes – A Disorder That Is Catching Up

Diabetes though more commonly called a disease is not a disease but a health disorder. It is when the insulin secretion by the body is not able to match the insulin required by the body to keep the sugar levels under check.

While type 2 diabetes is the more well known one of the two, type 1 is slowly but rapidly gaining attention. When a young person or even an infant is diagnosed with diabetes, they come under type 1, while older people and those with a hereditary history of diabetes fall under type 2.

Testing Your  Sugar Levels

No matter which type a person comes under, diabetes is one health disorder that needs to be monitored constantly. Earlier when diabetes was not so prevalent, people used to have their routine blood tests and bi-monthly check-ups with their doctors or diabetologists.
Today, the increased awareness and seriousness of this health issue has increased the demands for such a test. As it is not possible for a person to go to even the nearest lab and get their blood sugar levels tested every few hours or at least twice a day, technology has come to the rescue as always.

Accu- Chek SmartView

There are many handheld machines and devices that help us in determining the blood sugar levels, within a matter of seconds. One such device is the Accu-Check SmartView. This is a handheld a device that fits neatly into the palm of your hand, hence extremely easy to carry along in your bag, to check your blood glucose levels as and when desired.

This device is highly accurate in its readings, so much so that even professional diabetologists consider the readings for their analysis of the patient and their glucose levels. This is a simple device that can be used by one and all. Whether a young adult with type 1 diabetes or an old person with type 2 diabetes, they can very well rely on the readings given by this device.

Accu-Check SmartView Test Strips

The Accu-Chek device has a small opening at the base wherein a strip has to be inserted. The person’s whose blood glucose level has to be measured will have to use the pen provided with the device to prick the tip of their finger, just enough to produce a couple of drops of blood, good enough to get the patch on the test strip. The device then reads the blood and gives its reading within 5 seconds.
Test Strips

These test strips come in boxes of 25 strips as well as 50 strips. For those who want regular readings and feel they need to test more frequently can opt for the 50 strips box as it costs lesser than two boxes of 25 strips each.

Cost Effective

While diabetes involves a lot of unexpected expenses when it comes to maintaining the body within optimal glucose levels, these strips have made caring for your sugar levels cheaper. They are much more time and cost effective than going to your nearby lab to get your blood checked on a regular basis.
Accu-Chek SmartView has also been one of the five most consistent meters in the recent times, making this a good investment for those with this metabolic disease. As this device can be used for years on end, it is a onetime investment for the patient or the family as a whole.

One Device For The Whole Family

The test strips are one-time use and need to be used as per instructions to get the precise readings. One device can be used by multiple people as all they will have to invest in additionally are the needles, to avoid infection. The device or the strip’s accuracy is not affected by the number of people using it.
Hence if you have more than one member in the family, whole glucose levels need to be monitored, you can very well buy one device, one box of Accu-Chek SmartView strips and monitor the glucose levels as and when you want.


As mentioned above, using this device and these strips to monitor the glucose levels is the most convenient manner in which one can keep track of their blood sugar levels. Whether you are home or traveling, you can rely on these strips to give you an accurate reading, every single time.
These strips are easily available in pharmacies all around, and if the stock is unavailable at the pharmacy near you, you can always check online. Accu-Check has various channels and sources through which it ensures its’ users have stock of these strips at all times. This makes it extremely convenient and reliable too.


Diabetes as a disease or a disorder does not have any definite cure. Research is still going on to understand how exactly this disorder arises and how it can be cured or avoided at the earliest. When you do not have a cure, the only way to keep yourself or your near and dear one safe from unexpected complications of diabetes is to keep the blood glucose levels under check. With Accu-Chek SmartView Strips you can ensure you are well equipped to take a reading as and when you desire.