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If you are reading this page, more often than not, you are either diabetic or someone very close to you have been diagnosed with diabetes. The diagnosis could have brought the world crashing around you as you might have a healthy and active lifestyle.

While one can search for answers, unfortunately, there is no definitive conclusion by any research so far, linking the cause of diabetes to anything we eat or do. The best step forward now is to ensure you maintain the blood glucose within the levels advised by your doctor.

Diabetes can be an expensive disorder if you are not careful and let the levels shoot up now and then. The best way to keep them in check is to check the blood glucose frequently. There are a number of devices that help us in ensuring we are aware of the glucose levels as and when we want.



Who Is John Mahoney

I, John Mahoney am the author of this website and am here trying my best to provide you with as many details as possible about these test strips. When you don’t use the right test strips, things can go from bad to worse in no time.

Being a diabetic for the past few years, I have had my share of experiences and trials with various test strips available in the market. The budget is the main constraint, I have constantly been trying to find the best and cheap strips that will help me monitor my glucose levels.

In an attempt to share this knowledge with you, I have reviews about various test strips you can use with your glucometer. I have personally used each of these brands, seen the benefits and pitfalls and have also included the feedbacks my diabetologists have given me about these strips.

Over a period of time, you may come to use many of these strips yourself. But when I started out, there was hardly any information on the internet about these strips and I learned about each one by trying them out. I understand the amount of relief, that even a little bit of knowledge about the product you are about to use, can give you.

This relief is precisely what am trying to provide here on “Cheap Diabetes Test Strips” as we have to continue waiting for a cure for this disease/ disorder, whatever you may like to call it.